Philosophy Qualifications

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Demonstrated skills in counseling, psychotherapy, and consulting:



Tim Sinnott Leadership Roles:

Executive Director:   The Palm Beach Institute

Clinical Director:   The Camp Recovery Center

Promises Malibu: Executive Director

Bayside Marin:  Executive Director

Crossroads Centre Antigua:  

Chief Executive Officer

Dominican Santa Cruz Hospital:

 Director, Behavioral Health Services

Member, Editorial Advisory Board of Addiction Professional Magazine

President, California Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors

From the implementation of the affordable care act, to rapidly changing developments at the Department of Health Care Services, California’s addiction treatment providers face many challenges in the months ahead. Many of these changes will require organizations to adapt in order to become successful. Some organizations will be unable to evolve to meet these new challenges.

      Tim Sinnott has extensive management experience in both private and public treatment delivery systems in California. Take advantage of the knowledge and experience he has to offer. From team building, to starting over with a new mission statement and a new direction for your organization, Tim is that fresh pair of eyes that can maximize the assets you bring to the table.

    Tim’s approach is collaborative, He doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all mentality. His ability to help you to uniquely define what will improve your business is a powerful asset to any organization.