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Demonstrated skills in counseling, psychotherapy, and consulting:

Experience makes the difference

With over 30 years experience in counseling individuals, managing mental health professionals, and leading the fields of addiction and mental health treatment,

Tim Sinnott has your solution:

Do you wonder why it seems as though other people have found peace and happiness in their lives while your life is filled with worry and strife?

Are you experiencing stress and frustration, or finding that your relationships follow the same predictable path toward destruction?

Tim can help you chart a new course that heals the mind, the spirit, and the body.

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Want to discover new ways to improve your practice?

Unlock your organizationís potential with  expert advice from a leader in the field.


Need a speaker at your next event?

From keynotes, to trainings, Timís message is always inspiring.

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Interested in improving your relationships?

Timís renowned, holistic approach to healing can give you the tools for improving your relationships.

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