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Demonstrated skills in counseling, psychotherapy, and consulting:

Philosophy Qualifications

What is whole health?

Your ticket to lifetime peace and health

    “Every person deserves respect, compassion, and justice. Those who treat another otherwise diminish themselves and all of us, each a unique and irreplaceable part of the human family.

    Nature is the reflection of the innate order, perfection and interrelationships of creation. Life is not only physical and chemical, mental and emotional; it is also an expression of a profound spirituality, which we do not yet fully understand.”

    Given this, it becomes appropriate to approach health care from a whole person oriented philosophy which is educational, focused on disease prevention and, to the extent possible, fully engages the participation of individuals in their health recovery process.”

      -National Institute of Whole Health

Holistic health is not about “fixing problems” or “managing crises.” It’s about achieving long tern results that  seek to channel a person’s desire to have harmony, lasting relationships,  and spiritual growth all within the context of  healthy and balanced lifestyles.

Holistic health starts with the premise that each person is a unique and irreplaceable part of the human family. My approach to treatment is not to “practice” on people, but to listen and to assist them in finding their own, unique transformational power  that will allow them to direct their lives in ways that bring true happiness and overall spiritual, mental and physical health.