Philosophy Qualifications

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Demonstrated skills in counseling, psychotherapy, and consulting:

Appointments are easy to make. Tim is accessible; no corporate phone trees and no stressful paperwork. Reasonable fees with some “sliding scale opportunities.”

Where do you need balance in your life?


Divorce, with or without collaborative approach, blending families, facing retirement without a plan for your new relationship, needing to learn how to date again, attachment related issues, anger management

Family Hardship…

Parenting adolescents, parenting in a stressful environment, domestic violence, lack of control, father/son or mother/daughter relationships, aging parents, health concerns for a loved one, PTSD

Addiction and compulsive behaviors…

Alcohol abuse, drug addiction, co dependence, gambling addiction, sex addiction, eating disorder, needing to go beyond the “Twelve Steps.”

A more satisfying life starts today

Types of Disorders Treated:

Once you stop trying to fix the pieces that are broken and turn your attention to your “whole person,” life starts to make sense. Physical health, mental health, and spiritual health can not occur separately. They are all one.